If you are looking for the best web design company in UAE, your search ends here. We are the leading web design and development company in Dubai with a strong team of well experienced website designer and highly skilled web development team.

Our motto is to deliver high quality of graphic designing & development with affordable price. We are a young and an enthused talented group of people who can work on any website development platform which suits for E-commerce Solutions, Content Management System, Flash Animations and even normal HTML website development.

Our Website Development Process

We follow an organized workflow which leaves no room for error or rework.

1. Requirements Analysis

We pay great attention to metrics such as your input, your existing website’s performance, your presence in your industry and your current market advantage. Our site design takes into account your business goals, target audience and other requests for customized feature detail.

2. Planning

Our planning stage is where we map everything we’ve learnt in our Requirements Analysis phase and set the stage for the actual website development. This is the stage where we’ll be interacting with you almost on a daily basis.

3. Website Design

Our design process turns the planned design framework into reality. Our expert web designer in Dubai create a well-documented site structure along with multiple mock-ups for your continued review. We continue to tweak our design based on your feedback till you are totally satisfied.

4. Website Development

We use excellently maintained development frameworks written using popular code infrastructures. By doing this, we make sure that future developments and upgrades are easy to obtain. Our developers keep in touch with various framework communities such as Symfony and CakePHP, which helps them to bring in constantly updated knowledge. We help you choose the right web platform and the right server host for your site. We also select the right database for you, if you don’t already have one. Finally, we load content and test each page’s loading time.

5. Testing and Diagnostics

We conduct regular usability and bug testing to flush out common errors during the development process. We run your website through various final diagnostics using broken link checkers, code validators, health checks, content spell checks and so on. We wave the green flag to launch only when we’re totally satisfied.

6. Cross-Browser Compatibility Tests

We test your site on multiple browsers to see if the site displays and performs the same way on all of them. We run tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers to name a few.

7. Website Launch

A great deal of final polishing takes place at this stage, to the design, features, SEO and content. Your site is made ready for public viewing but only after we thoroughly deep-test all interactive elements, usability, user-friendliness, load times and so on.

8. Easy Blog Integration

We make it easy for you to integrate Drupal, WordPress, and other blogs to your website. This enables your company to communicate ideas and to promote your products through your blog. We also optimize your blog for search engines by implementing search-friendly URLs and tags.

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