E-commerce In Dubai :

As the real estate price in Dubai is growing rapidly, retailers are finding other ways to do business. One of the approaches to sustain in the market is to take the retail business to online store. The trend is clearly visible as the e-commerce business is growing at a rate of 20% per annum in the UAE alone.

Mobile commerce has a high potential in the Middle East, as smart phone and tablet penetration are high, and mobile is often the most common mode of connection to the Internet in the region. M-Commerce accounted for 10% of all B2C e-commerce in the region in 2012, with this share called upon to double by 2015.

E-commerce In Saudi Arabia :

B2C  E-Commerce is rapidly growing in Saudi market too, but largely focused on electronics, clothing, appliances and travel booking. Over half of the population are Internet users and of them about 10% shopped online. Industry experts are projecting the annual growth of 40% between 2012 and 2015.

Some stats on E-Commerce in the Middle East

  • 66% of consumers in MENA use the Internet to research products and services.
  • B2C e-commerce sales in MENA will arrive at an estimated $15 billion in 2015.
  • UAE gets the highest percentage of Internet users who shop online, compared to other countries in the Middle East.
  • Saudi Arabia occupies the second largest e-commerce market in the GCC at an estimated US $520 million.
  • 39% of adult internet users in Saudi Arabia buy products and pay for services online
  • 32% of online shoppers in the Arab world are women.
  • There are 72.5 million Internet users in MENA.


  • The smart phone penetration rate in Saudi Arabia is set to double to 50% within the next four years.
  • 50% of online shopping in Saudi originates outside of major cities, highlighting a growing m-commerce opportunity
  • The value of m-commerce in MENA could reach US $4.9 billion by 2015.